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Darkened Corners III: Child Abuse and Maltreatment

There are few wounds that reach deeper than those inflicted in childhood by parents. There is no way to minimize the affect of having an adult, whom you depend on for survival and support,  tease, scream, hit or fondle you as a child.  It cuts into your core and leaves a scar for life.  It is a gross misuse of power in a relationship that depends upon love, encouragement, attention and support to grow and flourish.  Yet as parenthood is increasingly becoming a one person and divided family affair, the stress on parents that leads to such aberrant behavior is increasing rapidly.  Approximately 3 million children are reported as abused in the United States yearly.

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This course meets the qualification for 8 continuing education credits for LCSWs and MFTs approved by the California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners Provider #2387.

  As indicated in the California Code of Regulations Section, 1807.2,  as of April 2003,  Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting can now be obtained
from a continuing education provider approved by the board.  If the approved provider provides the course online then the board would accept it so long as a certificate of completion has been provided. Intern Evaluator, Terri Maloy , BBS 2/25/04

The National Board for Certified Counselors  #5803 approves this course for 8 ce hours (.8 CE).

The National Association for Social Workers #886366656 approves this course for 8 CEU or 24 CE as part of the Darkened Corners series.

The CA Board of Registered Nursing # 13258 approves this course for 9.6ce.

The  State of Ohio Counselor and Social Work Board # MCS040234 approves this course for 8 CE . 


 Florida Board of Social Work, Counseling And Marriage and Family Therapy #BAP 745

THE Darkened Corners SERIES FOR 24 CE including this course  by PA SW-03-20

TX Board of Social Work #CS351

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