PHOENIX HELM SIMPSON, MFT, LMFT has practiced as a licensed clinician since 1982.  She has worked both privately and in community settings in New Mexico and California.  She currently writes and compiles courses for  and exhibits her art at  The core of her work in art and psychology is the nature and experience of transformation and change.

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Author  Statement

I currently hold a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado and a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from John F Kennedy University in Orinda, CA.  I have practiced as a licensed clinician in the field since 1982 both in California and New Mexico.  I taught in the graduate psychology program at Antioch University, San Francisco.  I have developed programs to coordinate mental health services in schools and throughout the communities while training and supervising graduate students. Working with many people from many cultures and many walks of life, I have gained extensive experience in addiction, recovery, abuse, chronic pain, loss, grief, meditation, and disability treatment.

    I know psychology from an academic and practical background.  I have walked the paths with many clients through great suffering and pain.  With Dr. Alf Johnson, I worked in identifying traits of resiliency in multi- cultural, multi- challenged populations while providing clinical services in public school settings. Dr. Johnson and I recognized these traits as primary in the work we did together developing an AMA award winning program in the Richmond Schools, which coordinated county mental health with graduate interns to provide mental health to culturally diverse children and families in a school district of over 20,000 students from all socio-economic backgrounds.  In one junior high, there were over 27 languages spoken. 

     In Taos, I worked in a school intervention program through Taos Mental Health.  In both of these settings I saw people struggling with every imaginable challenge: physical, mental and emotional.   I developed a brief therapy model to assess strength and challenges in body, mind, emotion and sprit.  The model combined my learning in psychology with my studies of the Medicine Wheel, indigenous cultures, Women’s Mysteries and Buddhism.  I worked with Los Angelitos as an on site and in home mental health consultant providing services to families of children 3 and under with disabilities. While needing multi-leveled support, the strength of these families was inspiring.

I have also walked my own path and learned from challenges of addiction, loss, biracial relationship and the vaccine traumatic brain injury of my daughter. No amount of academic training could have prepared me for the impact of this event on my life.  My daughter will turn 18 in October and I have homeschooled her since she was nine.  I have learned a great deal about patience, consistency, the learning process, and following the inner guidance of one’s self and the person with whom you are sharing time.   These experiences impacted me on a level that is hard to reach through academics; however, having my academic background gave me the resources to reach deeply within and face the challenges.  My study of meditation, world religion, symbols, astrology, creativity and healing transcend the intellectual and move deeply throughout my being.  I am able to observe, detach and communicate feelings, emotions and the understanding of concepts that are difficult for others to define.  My gratitude for life’s simplest moments increased alongside with my sensitivity and respect for to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Being comfortable with uncertainty, excited by the adventure, content in the moment, and appreciative of the opportunity to learn and participate in life: this is the aspect of psychology that most intrigues me.  In The Art of Happiness, the Dalai Lama is puzzled by the concept of self- hatred.  In his culture, the honor of having reincarnated as human negates any possibility that one could hate one’s self.  With all the blessings of technology and industrialization, perhaps, we have created a gap in our honoring of the gift of life: the difference each of us makes in the simple act of being here and discovering our gifts.  In my work, both art and healing, I hope to inspire others to reconnect with their gifts.

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