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Name: Stepparenting Journeys and Solutions
Description: As almost 50 % of all marriages now dissolve in divorce, the desire to remarry will often lead to a stepfamily or “blended family”. Cupid’s bow piercing your heart and opening you to the gift of love is just the carrot held in front of you to begin your journey in a stepfamily, and into relationships with opportunities to practice emotional intimacy. Research has shown that it takes between 7 and 11 years to create a successful stepfamily. Often a second marriage or stepfamily will founder without the basic understanding of the challenges and skill sets necessary to navigate the territory, which is frequently surprisingly different than a first marriage. Roughly 60% of second marriages end in divorce. To satisfy the heart’s desire for a lasting second (or third) marriage, this course presents both clinical cases for clinicians and practical solutions and exercises for families for three important areas: communication, the new couple’s relationship, and alignment in parenting.
CE Hours: 6
Price: 66.00


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