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Name: Bullying:Understanding, Assessment, Treatment, Intervention
Description: In this course, we will review literature and research with extensive links and readings, including excerpts from the course “ The ABCs of Bullying from SAMHSA, which can be taken for ceus through SAMHSA. You do not need to complete any of their post- tests as we will have a comprehensive post test at the end of this course. We will include the PDF Bullying Compendium from the CDC which presents many tools for assessment and intervention with this issue. As part of this course, you will also receive the ebook “Taking the Bully by the Horns: by Kathy Noll and Jay Carter, PhD, which is printable for your use and valuable when working through these issues with the bully, bullied and bystanders.
CE Hours: 7
Price: 77.00


ExamDelay (days)
1.Bullying: Understanding Assessment, Intervention a0


1.Bullying TOC
2.Taking The Bully By the Horns EBOOK
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