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   Title:    Body Sense: Balancing Weight and Emotions
   Author:    Brenda Crawford Clark
   ISBN:    1-58270-037-0
   Publisher:    Beyond Words
   Price:    $ 21.95
   Description:    In her new book, Body Sense: Balancing Your Weight and Emotions Brenda Crawford-Clark says that most diets are ineffective because they fail to address the true underlying cause of weight problems: powerful, core feelings that trigger the use of food whether it is eating, not eating, purging or roller-coaster dieting. Her approach to weight loss represents a radical departure from traditional treadmill-running, calorie-counting diets . Body Sense shatters the myth that a secret diet out there somewhere will solve all of our weight problems, if only we have enough willpower to stick to it, Crawford-Clark recognizes that weight loss and eating disorders are far more complex. Price includes 7.00 s/h
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